Replace, adapt and migrate transport PLC to new standard and Rockwell PSA Zaragoza

Replace, adapt and migrate transport PLC to new standard and Rockwell PSA Zaragoza


To replace the old PLC in the paint shop with a Rockwell. The aim is to simulate installation, test the code, and save time in commissioning on site. Improve operation of the system in terms of body destinations.

The aim of this project is to develop the PLC code and a new HMI interface to adapt the old system with a TSX Telemecanique PLC to Rockwell with Siemens HMI.
The system consists of three TCAs, a transfer with 11 eccentric conveyors and several interconnections with different groups.
Given the lack of time available to commission the system, it was decided to carry out virtual commissioning with the real PLC code in order to bring forward debugging, thereby reducing commissioning time and anticipating any problems that might appear.
This was done by simulating system behaviour in SIMIT. The PLC therefore sends the information on conveyor operation, accumulations and transfers to the SIMIT, and the SIMIT responds with information on the detectors and positions of the conveyors.
It has also been possible to develop the virtual operation of an RFID antenna.
The main difficulty in this project was the multitude of destinations for the bodies, and the large number of interconnections with old and new groups. Cleaning the old programme was also difficult, differentiating what was usable code from garbage that has been accumulating in the life of the old PLC.
Development of the antenna is also worthy of mention. It should be remembered that three files are read, in sequence mode. There is no record of anything having been done in the paint shop.



Reduced commissioning time
Anticipate HMI requirements prior to commissioning
Reduced commissioning faults in manual and automatic mode

Emulation allows commissioning to be brought forward, ensuring operation of the system and anticipating any errors. It has been a very useful tool for the project.