Windscreen washer fluid tanks

Replace and adapt to regulations VW-Navarre windshield wiper tanks


To advance the debugging of the PLC code developed for the wiper tanks by connecting an accurate dynamic model of the system (tanks and valves) to the real controllers.
The dynamic simulation is also presented on a 3D visualisation platform for improved understanding (Plant Simulation).

The aim of this project is to develop the PLC code and a new HMI interface, in order to bring the installation of the tanks that mix the windscreen washer fluid in line with ATEX regulations, ready to be sent to the filling machines in the plant.
There are two tanks in the plant in which water and ethanol are mixed in the appropriate percentage by volume, and pumped to the filling machines using pressurised air.
Given the lack of time available to commission the system, it was decided to carry out virtual commissioning with the real PLC code in order to bring forward debugging, thereby reducing commissioning time and anticipating any problems that might appear.
This was done by simulating tank behaviour in SIMIT. The PLC therefore sends information to the SIMIT on the status of the ethanol, water, air and tank outlet valves, and the SIMIT responds with pressure, level and flow information. Simulation has been carried out in SIMIT by parametrising the tanks and the characteristics of the fluids with the real values.
Visualisation has been done in 3D, with Plant Simulation to improve and clarify system operation.



45% less commissioning time
Anticipate HMI requirements prior to commissioning
Reduced commissioning faults in Manual and Automatic mode
Operator training
No raw materials or products wasted

Emulation allows commissioning to be brought forward, ensuring operation of the system and anticipating any errors. It has been a very useful tool for the project.