Simulate two crossings between two roller conveyors and a monorail carrier

Simulate two crossings between two roller conveyors and a monorail carrier


Simulate system behaviour by adjusting parameters to reach the required production levels. In this case, it was necessary to adjust the number of carriers crossed for each car body conveyed.

The aim of this project is to develop and programme a simulation, and then generate the PLC code.

The system consists of 2 roller conveyors for the car bodies and 2 monorail carriers, which cross both paths in two different sections.

It was clear from the beginning that balance was required between carriers and car bodies, so the best way to test different situations was by parametrising a simulation.

By simulating and testing a range of configurations, always with the production target in mind, it was concluded that the optimal balance was 4 carriers for each car body conveyed.

It was necessary to carry out this simulation before programming the PLC, thus ensuring optimal operation from the outset and avoiding any mechanical and PLC modifications in the future.



Optimum system programming.
Flexibility to try out different configurations before investing in mechanics or programming.
Hypothesis testing.

The simulation made it possible to decide on and demonstrate the balance required between car bodies and carriers in order to supply the required production. It has been a key tool in this project.